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Literacy advocates with a deep passion for books bestselling author Donalyn Miller and 5th grade teacher Colby Sharp showcase the power of children s access to books, providing teachers and administrators with the tools and information they need to increase children s meaningful interaction with books and to launch or sustain book access initiatives in their communities. Through research and testimonials from voices in the field and their own classroom experiences, Miller and Sharp provide practical and resourceful information on a range of topics and areas, (including successful school and classroom libraries, the power of book ownership, the importance of cultural and social access to books, and meaningful family-community reading engagement) designed to help dramatically increase children s access to and life-changing engagement with books.

I loved this! All writing teachers need this book. There are so many creative writing prompts that you can use in the classroom - and all from authors your kids will recognize. I cannot wait to get my own finished copy to add to my arsenal for teaching creative writing.
— Amber Kuehler, 4th Grade Teacher
This book is a game changer. Teacher, literacy advocate, and book lover Colby Sharp brought together creatives to create and respond to prompts. And it is magical.

I laughed, cried, shouted, and shivered my way though this collaborative masterpiece
— Lorie Barber, 5th Grade Teacher

The Yarn Podcast

The Yarn explores the inside stories of children's books. Colby co-hosts The Yarn with Travis Jonker.

Nerdy Book Club

Colby is co-founded the Nerdy Book Club with Donalyn Miller. It is a community blog centered around the teaching of reading, and children's books.

Nerd Camp Michigan

Colby is part of the team that runs the summer literacy event Nerd Camp Michigan. Each year more than 2000 kids, educators and book creators gather in Parma to read, write, and connect.